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Your sporting organisation can help create an Australia where women are safe, equal and valued

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Silhouette of a woman and man doing a high five. The woman has her left foot rested on a round ball.

Examples of gender equality work in sport

More examples

Explore some examples of what gender equality and violence against women prevention work looks like in a sporting organisation context.

Important information for people working in sports media

The media has a unique opportunity to challenge negative attitudes around gender equality and violence against women. Find out more from our reporting guidelines and tips for sports journalists.

Reporting on violence

Supporting you to do the work

Our Watch has developed a range of tools and resources to support sporting organisations in violence prevention work.

Meet our sporting ambassadors

Our Watch is proud of our sporting ambassadors and the commitment they have to preventing violence against women and promoting gender equality.

Sporting ambassadors
Portrait of Ben and Hester Brown. They are both wearing a dusky pink colour and both have red hair. Ben is very tall. Hester is holding a baby who is smiling. She also has red hair. They're standing in front of a football ground.