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Ambassadors and media

Our Watch is proud of our sporting ambassadors and the commitment they have to preventing violence against women and promoting gender equality in their respective sporting communities. You can read more about our sporting ambassadors by viewing their profiles below.

Media Making Change

The Media Making Change website shows how media can use its influence to change the attitudes that drive violence against women.

Sports media also has a role to play in supporting this work and influencing the way gender equality, gender stereotypes and disrespect towards women are represented. Read our 10 tips for sports journalists.

We know that people in sports media are sometimes reporting on sexual assault and family violence. The Media Making Change website includes tips and guidelines for reporting on violence, and has links to victim/survivors who are available for interviews.

Our Watch also works with sports media through the Media Making Change: Equality and Respect in Sports Media project. These seminars and forums join the dots between sports media coverage, respect and the cultural change that is needed to prevent violence against women.

Register here for our next seminar. For more information on Media Making Change: Equality and Respect in Sports Media contact enquiries@ourwatch.org.au.