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A team effort evidence guide


Our Watch and RMIT University have developed an evidence guide to help sporting organisations play an effective role in preventing violence against women. The guide outlines ten key elements of an effective approach.

These elements provide practical and measurable components that support sporting organisations in delivering promising practice to prevent violence against women. These elements are:

  1. Address the gendered drivers of violence against women
  2. Adopt a whole-of-sport approach
  3. Ensure meaningful involvement of women and girls
  4. Implement appropriate responses to incidents of disrespect and violence against women
  5. Be values driven
  6. Be underpinned by long-term planning, vision and resourcing
  7. Be evidence led
  8. Integrate evaluation from the outset
  9. Consider context, difference and diversity in the sporting organisation and wider community
  10. Work collaboratively to develop and share resources