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How sport can help change the story


Preventing violence against women through sport.

Everyone involved in sport – whether you’re a Board member, CEO, manager, coach, player, umpire, staff, volunteer or fan – can play an important role in preventing violence against women by:   

  • showing leadership by setting the standard of zero tolerance towards sexist attitudes, language and discriminatory behaviour in your sport  
  • providing opportunities and pathways for girls and women to participate at all levels of your sport 
  • promoting women’s voices and perspectives equally with men’s in your sporting organisation and/or club 
  • using communications, marketing and events to demonstrate your organisations and/or club’s commitment to gender equality – both internally and publicly 
  • reviewing how safe, welcoming, equal and inclusive your workplace, organisation or club is for women (for example surveying staff or members about their experiences, reviewing your policies and facilities) and developing an action plan to identify opportunities for improvement  
  • being a positive role model to children and young people by showing that both women and men play an active role at all levels of your workplace, organisation or club  
  • providing training and information to your staff and volunteers so everyone understands their role in preventing violence against women