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National sporting codes joint leadership statement


National Sporting Codes commit to promote gender equality and respect in sport.

As the leaders of Australia’s major national sporting organisations, we are committed to working together to continue to build equal and respectful organisations. Now more than ever, we recognise the power and influence of sport to continue to promote gender equality and encourage positive social change in our society. By doing so, we are part of a national effort to stop violence against women and their children before it starts. While together we have made great advancements for women in sport, we acknowledge there is still more work to be done. In order to embed gender equality at all levels of our sport and do our part to prevent violence against women, we pledge to:

  • Ensure equal opportunities for women in sport remains on the agenda.
  • Challenge harmful gender stereotypes and encourage respectful relationships at all levels of our organisations and our game.
  • Create inclusive, equitable, and safe environments for everyone.
  • Increase women’s and girl’s sport participation, including for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and women from diverse backgrounds.
  • Promote positive role models in sport to make gender equality relevant to our supporters and fans.

We will continue to work collectively and collaboratively with Our Watch, our clubs, other sporting organisations, expert groups and our communities to actively advance gender equality to prevent violence against women.